Live teleconsultations in ENT are now being offered at the French Medical Institute for Children (FMIC) from the Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi (AKUH, K) in Pakistan. Patients at FMIC can consult and receive diagnosis and treatment by an ENT specialist at AKUH, K. Read more

Kyrgyz Republic

Kyrgyz Republic will soon be added to the list of countries in Asia where the AKDN eHealth Programme offers eHealth services. Ministry of Health officials in Bishkek and Naryn have extended their support for establishing eHealth connectivity between the Republican Children’s Clinical Hospital in Bishkek and the Naryn Oblast Hospital and the Naryn Oblast Family Medicine Centre in Naryn. Read more


Continuing its commitment to building capacity of health care professionals, AKDN eHRC offered a week-long workshop in Karachi for eHealth coordinators from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan. Participants were trained in three main areas: effective communications; Cisco® IT Essentials training; and monitoring and evaluation of eHealth activities. Read more

AKDN eHRC focuses on increasing eHealth awareness among health care professionals and building their capacity, enabling them to effectively implement eHealth solutions and activities. The Centre considers it important to increase eHealth adoption and facilitate its integration in the health care system. Read more

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