I am pleased to welcome you to the second eHealth Digest for 2015.

We are undergoing an exciting time in Asia with the promotion and utilisation of eHealth. The AKDN eHealth Programme is growing and expanding. This growth is the outcome of extensive operational research to validate health needs in local communities and to match those needs to resources available within the region.

AKDN eHRC is proud to be at the center of activities that increase access to health care services and build capacity of our health care professionals. This, in turn, increases the awareness of the use of technology to avail quality health care and overcome issues such as security and shortage of qualified staff in the regions we serve.

Service delivery, capacity building and research are the focal points of our work.

During the third quarter of 2015, preliminary work has been completed to expand the eHealth network in Kyrgyz Republic and Pakistan. We are planning to add three sites in Bishkek and Naryn (Kyrgyz Republic) and one site in Garam Chashma (Chitral, Pakistan). This expansion is funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development, Canada under the Central Asia Health Systems Strengthening project.

We are also working on scaling up capacity at AKDN eHRC as well as building local capacity for eHealth by engaging implementing partners in the region. We have also established alliances with external partners to promote regional and global linkages and resource diversity.

We are determined to make sure that research findings do not stay locked in a shelf to collect dust but reach the people who can translate those findings into a product or service to benefit the populations we serve.

AKDN eHRC is evolving into a dynamic, learning organisation, one that is prepared to effectively meet the challenges and opportunities presented by the developing health care needs and policy landscape in the region.

Looking at the future, I am extremely excited about the possibilities that lie ahead to make health care access available to the most underserved populations in Asia and Africa.


Saleem Sayani
Director, AKDN eHRC

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