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Executive Summary

During Q1 2018, 1304 teleconsultations were conducted across all sites in South-Central Asia, as compared to 1778 teleconsultations in Q1 2017, depicting a 27% decrease in activities. The decrease in the number of teleconsultations was due to planned budgetary limitations.

Even though eLearning activities were not supported as a result of budgetary restrictions of the no-cost extension under the Central Asia Health Systems Strengthening Project, AKDN health agencies were able to absorb operational costs of eLearning services and sustain 65% of existing activities at no-cost to the donor. In Q1 2018, 474 health care professionals were trained as opposed to 727 in Q1 2017.

The number of participants attending eLearning sessions increased notably in Pakistan as a result of awareness raising activities conducted to motivate staff to avail eLearning opportunities in mid-2017.

During January 2018, Khorog Oblast General Hospital was connected as a spoke site to Nur in Moscow, Russia for teleconsultation services; this initiative was supported Time and Knowledge Nazrana volunteers on a probono basis. Furthermore, in efforts to help sustain the project, a patient charging mechanism was initiated at Rushan, Darvaz and Ishkashim district hospitals in Tajikistan. Patients at these facilities receiving teleconsultation services from Khorog Oblast General Hospital now pay a fee of Somoni 20 for each teleconsultation.