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Executive Summary

During Q1 2019, 1372 teleconsultations were conducted across all sites in South-Central Asia and East Africa (Kenya), as compared to 1304 teleconsultations in Q1 2018, resulting in a 5% increase in the uptake of services. With the exception of Afghanistan, there was an overall decrease in activities for Kyrgyz Republic, Pakistan and Tajikistan as a result of budgetary constraints. Afghanistan experienced increased activity (31% increase) due additional funding received from the HAPAA project.

AKDN health agencies were able to absorb operational costs of eLearning activities in South-Central Asia and a 40% increase was seen in eLearning participants.

With digital health activities initiated in East Africa, overall, there was a significant increase in the number of health care professionals trained across all sites in South-Central Asia and East Africa (Kenya) - from 374 in Q1 2018 to 897 in Q1 2019. The increase of 140% was mainly due to expansion of digital health services in Kenya as well as notable increases in Afghanistan, Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan. In Pakistan, however, due to connectivity challenges and the unavailability of doctors to attend sessions, participants were not able to avail eLearning services.