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Executive Summary


During Q2 2019, 1502 teleconsultations were conducted across all sites in South-Central Asia and East Africa, as compared to 1176 teleconsultations in Q2 2018, resulting in a 28% increase in activities. The increased uptake of teleconsultation services was mainly due to the funding received under the HAPA project in Afghanistan and the increase in teleconsultations in Pakistan. No teleconsultations were conducted in Kyrgyz Republic due to low demand of services while teleconsultations in Tajikistan reduced considerably (84%) due to the relocation of the services to a new building. Although teleconsultation services are being offered in East Africa, no activity was conducted there during Q2 2019. Since the teleconsultation services are relatively new, Aga Khan Hospital, Mombasa is conducting promotional activities to sensitize the communities about the digital health services in efforts to increase the demand.


There was a 52% increase in the number of health care professionals trained in South-Central Asia and East Africa - from 790 in Q2 2018 to 1201 in Q2 2019. The increase was mainly due to expansion of digital health services in Kenya as well as a notable increase in Afghanistan. The number of participants attending eLearning sessions decreased notably in Pakistan due to lack of interest and motivation of the staff.