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Executive Summary

In Q3 2018, 1413 teleconsultations were conducted across all sites in South-Central Asia and East Africa (Kenya) as compared to 1668 teleconsultations in Q3 2017, depicting a 15% decrease in overall activity. In Tajikistan, there was a 18% increase in the uptake of teleconsultation services, however, it was offset by low uptake of service in Afghanistan, Kyrgyz Republic and Pakistan. No teleconsultations were conducted in Kyrgyz Republic as hospital staff was on leave for summer break while teleconsultation activities reduced by 21% and 17% in Afghanistan and Pakistan, respectively. During the quarter, digital health activities were also initiated in Kenya, connecting three outreach centres with the Aga Khan Hospital, Mombasa, the hub site – four teleconsultations were conducted in Q3 2018. Due to budget limitations under the No-Cost Extension of the Central Asia Health Systems Strengthening Project, there was a reduced uptake in services.

The number of eLearning participants increased by 81% from 764 in Q3 2017 to 1386 in Q3 2018. The notable increase was mainly due to the initiation of eLearning services in East Africa, which benefitted 830 health care professionals.